2 Buckling’s For Sale On Metro East Farms

We have 2 Buckling’s for sale Black one with White star on his forehead he was born January 18 2020, the White Buckling was born on January 19 2020 both are intact males I will band him for no extra charge (castration) and give them a Tetanus shot. All our goats are registered in the National Scrapie Eradication Program and all new goats are quarantined Newly-purchased Goats & Sheep should be isolated for at least 2 weeks, preferably 30 days, before being co-mingled with other animals on our farm or being turned out to pasture. A period of isolation provides an opportunity to detect a disease problem before the rest of your sheep or premises are exposed.

Both bucks are $100.00 each Boer Kiko Mix and the babies themselves showed no parasite loads. This year some of my Doe’s tested positive with a low worm count so the entire herd has been treated. I will give you an extra dose to take with you just in case they would show signs.

I have one doeling for sale born on January 19 2020 she is a sweet heart all 3 babies are still nursing but they are eating a little sweet feed and hay. Her National Scrapie Eradication number is IL-7048 0015 she is $200.00 she is tame and loves her neck scratched.

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