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We often learn cost cutting when it comes to animal care BUT there are good ways and bad ways and the bad ways can cost you money and break your back my hopes here is to save you money and … Continue reading

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Metro East Farms UPDATED!

I started “Team Fat Boyz” around 2009 just as a fishing team back¬†when I was 325 lbs. We did that for awhile when I thought about all the seniors who were in nursing homes or their own homes that couldn’t … Continue reading

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Constipation in newborn and very young kids is a common condition that most producers seldom consider. Premature newborns are good candidates for this problem but full-term kids can also suffer constipation. I see the problem more often in hot weather … Continue reading

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WARNING! Poisonous Snake Birthing Season

With temperatures starting to rise we have already begun to see signs of snakes such as the wife seeing a garter snake. Copper Heads, Rattlesnakes (Diamond, Black Diamond, Western Diamond, Eastern Diamond, Prairie, Mojave, Tiger and Timber Rattlesnakes), Cottonmouth (water … Continue reading

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Farm Detail Begins

We will be working out here hard this week a few things we are catching up on since we can not visit nursing homes with the COVID-19 Virus going on. There are allot of things to catch up on. We … Continue reading

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