Metro East Farms have acquired a female goat born in April 2020. As always when we acquire an animal that will be a permanent part of the farm. She will be worked with and also be breeding stock for new generations of therapy animals for nursing homes and physically and or mentally challenged birthday parties. REMEMBER THIS we do not charge nursing homes or the physically and or mentally challenged events.

We normally let someone choose the name of the animal for a level Platinum sponsorship of $100.00 to $150.00. We decided this time we would accept $5.00 donations; each $5.00 you donate you get another entry. August 15 we will add names of donators on on live video and the winner will get to name her with a FIRST, MIDDLE AND LAST NAME (must not be something totally ignorant or another inappropriate name), ALL donators names go onto the Metro East Farms donators page BUT, the winners name will appear as a Platinum Level on the page, a Platinum Level donor certificate, a 5 x 9 photo of your sponsored animal and a personal notarized letter of thanks.

Donations Must Be a Minimum of $5.00 per entry, donate as much as you want for as many entries as you want. You may donate for example $15.00, that will be considered as 3 entries. Deadline for entries is midnight August 14th and drawing at 7:00 PM CST.

With the COVID-19 virus our donations have went to almost zilch, regardless animals still need cared for. Normally Donations from the public is about 35% of our operating budget, small businesses around 32% and the remaining 33% from our members.

We could use your help! Hay for the winter this year for 5 1200lb round bales ($200.00), square bales of straw used as bedding around 40 bales at $5.00 each ($200.00) Sweet Feed, Cracked corn, Chicken/Duck/Turkey feed $400.00. Please help. Send donations to via PayPal using your PayPal account and as we are a registered business you can donate via credit or debit cards using our E-Mail We do appreciate your support. Drawing event starts when this in posted.

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