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We train and socialize small farm animals such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, goats, puppies and dogs to nursing homes to visit with the residents. We often take these animals inside the facility and the residents are allowed to hold, cuddle, pet and feed them while we are there for the event at no charge to the seniors or the facility.

We also are available to take these same animals to the mentally and physically disabled as well as autistic children’s birthday parties. Within a 50-mile radius of New Douglas, IL at no charge to the clients in Illinois. (Missouri may include a fuel fee)

We survive on donations and income received from animals, products or crafts made by Metro East Farms to go right back into the estimated $5,000.00 yearly budget. These sales make up about 60% of the operations with a estimated 40% from contributions by either cash, supplies such as new or used wood, fencing, feed and other items that can be utilized by the organization.

The pandemic has hit us hard where regular donations came in as a steady flow since then has trickled to a alarming level due to loss of jobs and uncertainty of their income situation has had people to keep reserves in case needed which is understandable which is why we are pleading for new sponsors, supporters or one time donators.

We are pleading for donations at this time to cover that last $550.00 needed for straw used as bedding and the remaining towards feed that will be bought before seasonal prices rise. We store the feed bought so that we don’t give winter prices for grains and other feeds.

Donators of $10.00 or more will receive a letter of appreciation on our letterhead and signed by the president of the organization. Your name will be placed on the donators list on our website under donator/supporters and any donation of $20.00 per year we will assign you an animal you get to choose what species such as Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Rabbits, Goats or our Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs. You will get a list of available animals you can choose from. We show you a list of available animals for sponsorships and when you choose that animal we tag or leg band the animal with a serial number and you also will be able to give that animal a name (No nasty names rated G only) at that $20.00 per year donation level we send you photos of your animals quarterly which will NOT be posted anywhere by us. Those are YOUR photos and you own the rights to them therefore if you found a legal way to sell or let someone use a photo for monitory gain on a photo we send you in your quarterly update the copyright is yours entirely because we gave up ownership of what we sent you.

If you are local to the local area of New Douglas, IL area and would like to volunteer your time to help out on the farm or at events we can offer you the same options and still be considered a donator/supporter/volunteer/sponsor

Please consider donating to our cause, Call or email us if you want to buy feed, supplies and such and send it if you don’t want to send cash. Then you for the time of reading this letter.

Metro East Farms
83 Mettlerville Lane
New Douglas, IL 62074

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