About Us

We are a volunteer non for profit. I want to tell you a little bit about us. We started as Team Fat Boyz in 2008 as a couple fat guys fishing, we love it. I had a relative that was in a nursing home and he couldn’t fish like he used to, which got me and my partner thinking. These senior citizens, disabled kids/adults cant just pack up and go because they needed hope and nurses usually don’t want to thread a worm on a hook.

We did this for awhile and Curtis my partner at that time left and moved to southern Illinois and I picked up another partner Justin Hofer Ragsdale, he is not blood but he is like my adopted son. We started putting things together and then began breeding small farm type animals for therapy for seniors, mentally disabled and assisted living centers. The people love the services we provide FREE of charge. We survive on donations from the public, the members and the sale of surplus animals and other products.

We take these super tamed and trained animals to nursing homes, assisted living and living centers for the mentally handicapped we do NOT charge the centers for anything. We survive on donations from businesses, the public and sometimes or of me or my members pockets.

We sell Duck and chicken eggs, chicken and duck meat, baby goats, bottle babies, goat milk & goat rump and shoulder roast, tenderloins & goat burger. The animals we work into our therapy program stay on the micro-farm for the duration of their lives and they are not butchered.

We sometimes donate animals to 4-H kids or discounted prices in hopes that they do well. Last year (2019) at the Bond County Fair in Greenville, IL we had a kid Cassidy Beaver who had 2 of our goats one was Whiskey a wither (castrated male) and a doe named Zoey. Whiskey took Champion and Zoey took Champion Reserve.

If you would like to donate to our program we would really appreciate it even if it’s just a dollar. we will add you to our donations page.