Andre The Goat Veterinarian Update

Just because we haven’t been able to do any events at nursing homes or birthday parties for the disabled, handicapped and autistic kids doesn’t mean we quit feeding and taking care of the animals.

08/24/2020 we spent $140.00 in veterinary care on the newer buck Andre (IL-048 0014) last month he had a greyish discharge from his nostrils and after a shot of Bactracillin G Injection and it seemed to clear up. About 4 days ago he seemed to be not as active but I kept an eye on him, the next day he was the same but seemed to be not urinating properly so being concerned about Urinary Calculi, a urinary-tract condition in goats and sheep, prevents both urination and breeding in males. The twists and turns of the male urethra make passing solid particles difficult at best and impossible at worst. Urinary Calculi is a disease that can and does kill animals quickly.

The veterinarian D. Bristow from Greenville Animal Clinic showed up yesterday about 10:00 Am and examined Andre. He was running a 104.4F temp and listening to his lungs and my past notes on him last month using  (Livestockk Manager) he determined he had a upper raspatory infection and pneumonia. He gave him a couple of injections a strong Antibiotic and non-steroid anti inflammatory and as far as the Urinary Calculi he didn’t see signs of it but at my insistence he gave me some ammonium chloride. I am like that will all of the animals here on the farm, even chickens.

With COVID-19 pandemic and with people losing their jobs our donations have dropped to almost nothing. After going over last year and the year before we average a $5,000.00 operational budget. A little over a quarter of our operational budget come from the sale of goats that don’t qualify for training in the senior citizen and the disabled therapy program. We also incubate Chicken, Ducks and Turkeys eggs and sell baby birds that we don’t use as well as rabbits sold as pets. The rest of the operational budget comes from donators including members of the team.

I can’t stress enough the need for your help, We have been taking senior citizens fishing since 2012 and then training small farm animals by bottle feeding and handling them allot so that they are socialized and don’t mind being handled therefore the seniors can pet, hold, snuggle and feed with no danger to any of the clients. Folks this takes money to properly care for these animals and I know I sound like a broken record, but this year has by far been the most difficult. Use the donate button below if you can help even as little as a dollar. We thank everyone in the past that has donated in the past and if you can open your hearts once again have a great day and God bless.

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