Metro East Farms on May 9th we made an order with Cackle Hatchery®. We wanted something different than most others and we also wanted turkeys that could mate naturally which some breeds have to be bred artificially, so we decided that heritage turkeys were the way to go and we chose the Bourbon Red Turkey.

The Bourbon Red Turkey is a rare breed of the heritage turkey and was admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1909. Developed in Pennsylvania and taken to Kentucky with the long rifle, this breed later was given the name Bourbon Red from its popularity from Bourbon County, Kentucky. The Bourbon Red turkey is another of the turkeys with a beautiful color pattern and makes a good farm and backyard turkey.

Since Metro East Farms began incubating eggs we have been successful in chickens and ducks, we will attempt to incubate turkey eggs. We are going to try and get eggs year-round by providing lighting and heat on timers to provoke egg laying such as we were able to do with our ducks. We had duck eggs all winter including the coldest month January and February 2020

Our objective is to grow the Bourbon Turkey Flock and then start breeding Bronze Heritage Standard turkeys. Right now our ducks are able to cross breed but that will be changing in 2021, where we will be segregating the different breeds so that we can sell them as the breed than not getting as much for a mix breed duck.

Our turkeys hatch and ship date is June 20th and have to pick them up at the post office early in the morning they tell me they will arrive.

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