Cackle Hatchery Review


Cackle Hatchery (Review)
411 W Commercial St
Lebanon, MO 65536
Phone: 417-532-4581

(It is ALWAYS recommended to check with the Better Business Buru if you have never done buisness with them before)

On 5/9/2020, I got online to order Turkeys more specific “Heritage Turkeys” I looked at the different breeds and decided to order the “Bourbon Red” turkeys. I checked Cackle Hatchery and Murray McMurray Hatchery after contemplating I chose Cackle Hatchery since it was in Lebanon, Mo 204 miles vs Murry in Webster City, IA some 445 Miles away. I lived in Missouri during my Jr High and into most of my adulthood., and if something really went wrong I could take a day and do 3 hours there and 3 hours back and the turkeys were $1.65 cheaper.

I was charged 55.75 for 5 unsexed Bourbon Reds, $21.35, shipping and handling and $20.00 small order fee (less than? birds) for a total of $97.10. Now all the turkeys on the page said “TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK” so I picked up the phone to inquire if they were all gone and was told just for now and that they would be hatching more so I could go ahead and order. I hung up and went online to order he 5 birds. I was given a hatch date of July 20th, 2020 which I really wasn’t happy with but hell, it gave me time to build a new brooder.

So, the day they were supposed to be hatched and shipped I didn’t get a phone call, I got a flipping E-Mail AFTER hours (8:07 am CST). As you see above they changed the new hatch date and shipping day from July 20th to Aug 5th, 2020 I called them, I wanted verbal conversation not an E-Mail that’s 90 days from the order date to received date.

On Aug 5th 3:33 Pm CST from phone number 417-532-2535 I get a call from Cackle Hatchery stating they don’t have my Bourbon Reds that they can send me Royal Palm, Blue Slate or Black Spanish (think that was the 3 breeds they told me). I told them I wanted the Blue Slate Turkeys, she told me I couldn’t choose that they would send me one of the breeds was that ok?  I was like no If I can’t choose just to put my money back on my card she said ok and we terminated the phone call.

Between 5 and 10 minutes the phone started to ring again, I answered, and it was Cackle Hatchery again. The woman asked me if I still wanted the Royal Palm Turkeys and I stated if you don’t have the Bourbon Reds then yes. She told me that as soon as the mailing label was printed I would get an E-Mail with a tracking number. Okay No problem, I begin to write this review letting anger feed in this review.

I looked at the Royal Palm turkeys and I thought they were pretty along with the Bourbon Red and Blue Slate turkeys, so it wasn’t as bad as it could be, I trigger pretty easy and when I checked the tracking numbers after the E-Mail and started tracking them and it says expected delivery date August 8 2020 by 8:00 am. I blow up contacting Cackle Hatchery because I’m concerned about food and water for 4 days. I did some research and found that newly hatched chick lives off the yolk the is pulled up into the chick just before it’s fully out of the shell. They inform me they have solid H2o in the shipping box and should be fine but call if something is wrong to call them immediately.



(in this case once the package is accepted it is a Post Office issue not Cackle)

Post office tracking text is screenshot off my cellphone from the USPS website










Cackle Hatchery delivered the baby turkeys to the United States Postal Service in Lebanon,M0.  The Lebanon, Mo post office took them to the Springfield, Mo distribution center (54 Miles Away) (54 miles away) again in the opposite direction than me. Springfield, Mo shipped them to the Kansas City, Mo distribution another (166 miles further away from me) arriving. The chicks leave Kansas City Distribution Center and (248 miles later) arrives at the St Louis facility the package arrives (43) miles in New Douglas, IL and I picked them up as soon as the phone rang while I was outside waiting. Then I drove home about 9 miles home.

Now as stated above at the beginning I am 204 miles away from Cackle Hatchery if I had gone to pick them up myself and had them home in less than 6 hours. These Birds could have gone from Lebanon, MO to their distribution center in Springfield, Mo (54 Miles) to St Louis Distribution Center (216 miles) then to my post office in New Douglas, IL (43 miles) then (9 miles home) for a total of 322 miles.

The way the post office routed them my birds traveled 520 miles had they went from Lebanon, Springfield, St Louis to New Douglas to my home would have been 322 miles a 198-mile difference. (at current prices contract freight of about $2.00 per mile would be about $1,040.00 vs $644.00 a $396.00 difference and we wonder why they are broke.


Now back to the Cackle Hatchery Review

I arrived at home and the 5 baby turkeys were active chirping. Before opening the box, I opened the attached paperwork with my invoice and care packet. The Invoice said 5 Bourbon Red Turkeys, but the 5 was scratched out and the bourbon Red was scratched out and said sub Royal Palm. I open the box and there they are 9 Royal Palm turkey chicks, ALL healthy jumping around the box.

24 hours later these little chicks all look good, active, drinking and eating fine. Now to my star scoring. While I had issues with them moving my hatch and shipping date from July 20 to August 5th with an E-Mail the day they were to ship I was furious. Calling me on the Aug 5th date in the afternoon saying that they didn’t have the Bourbon Reds if they could sub them with Royal, Spanish and I think Blue Slate aggravated me but when I said I would take Royal Palms and they said I didn’t have a choice of the 3 breeds I flipped out and demanded my money back however they called me back and gave me the Royal Palms. I Received my package late NOT their fault but the post office, I opened my package to be pleasantly surprised that there was in fact 9 healthy active Royal Palm chicks when I had only ordered 5 Bourbon Reds.


Even though it wasn’t 100% drama free they more than made up for it with about $50.00 more birds than I ordered, I am going to give them a 5 STAR RATING. I will without a doubt do business with them again because they did go out of their way to make it right and as someone saying they are sorry the 5 STARS says I accepted their apology. That’s the way I see it when a business goes out of their way to make it right, it says allot about a business. This is a family owned business and they need our support and I have no reason not to business with them again I’m 100% satisfied.

Five Stars


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