Current Drawings and Contest

Name The Baby Until Sept 1st 2020 5:00 Pm CST This drawing is to name the newest arrival, ALL permeant animals of the farm that will be involved in the “Therapy Animal Program” $1.00 gives you one entry so that if you donated $7.00 you would get 7 entries. All procedes go to help with Vetrenary, Feed, Hay, Straw and all other nessecities.

NO person draws any salery including the board or CEO ALL money is used wisely. You will get to give her a first and middle name (must not be anything above a G rating) because we deal with children as well. You will also get a Certificate, a thank you on our letterhead that you can show off and even used in a résumé or anything like that.

We will also send you pictures monthly, these pictures we send you are pictures NEVER published to the public and are yours to post, frame or anything you want to use. You will own the pictures exclusively that we send to your E-Mail. With that monthly you will get a monthly E-Mail nonpublished newsletter you will get these updates for the duration of her life here.

We also place your name on the donors page as a Platinum Lifetime member on the donors page. We do not discuss how many entrees any one person has he drawing will be 5:00 Pm CST September 1st, 2020 live using will choose the name of the winner. Use the PayPal button on this page below.  Yo may allow someone else to choose the name just add the name in notes before pressing the submit button.

All Donations and Sponsorship go to Medications, Veterinary, Feed, hay, Bedding, Fencing, Building materials & Transporting animals to and from Nursing Centers.

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