They say if it doesn’t hold water, it wont hold a goat, and that is pretty much true. When I put up my fence around 1/8 of a acre the land goes up and down with the terrain. We had problems at first with our buck walking up the fence and managing to get over so we put 2 strands of barbed wire across the top and that solved that problem. In quite a few spots there were gaps under the fence and the earth, so it took about a month for a couple of goats including our buck who escaped every time we turned our back. And after watching we seen how they were getting out.

We purchased 50, 12 inch stakes with a hook at the top. We would find a spot, then angled the steak (45 degrees) outside the fence with the hook facing down so it catches the bottom wire. Start hammering the stake in and before the hook of the stake gets to the ground, position the wire so that when you finish hammering the hook pulls the bottom wire into the ground. In the last few days since installing them around the entire containment we have had no escapes.

Get on and search 50 bulk stakes, we gave $38.00 for 50 stakes, thats a really good deal since we priced rebar we planed to cut and bend a hook, that was almost twice than what we purchased these for.

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