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GREAT PYRENEES – SOON December 1st 2021 Annabelle and Radar will be taking deposits at 14 days (end of week 2) Pups will be 350.⁰⁰ a deposit of $125.⁰⁰ It includes Record packet, 9 way immunization, dewormed and micro-chipped. Numbers on chip ONLY provided to you when paid in full but are chipped at 3 weeks.

The way we do this is post Pictures with number and sex, when you choose a puppy in person or on line you will be required to pay a deposit within 24 hours or forfeit choice of pup should someone take it after your 24 hours, if you are after 24 hours and pup is still available you may choose that pup.

ALWAYS LOYAL to kids – These pups are born and raised within a pasture containing Chickens, Ducklings, Ducks, Turkeys, Goats with kids, lambs and sheep and cattle. See Our Reviews on sales Here (will pop up in new screen) We socialize the puppies with ALL the animals because the animals have access to them and they have access to all of the animals and so far we have NEVER had pups go to new homes and kill poultry. The parents are aggressive parameter guards, they will walk the property at random intervals unless alerted sooner. If it is not supposed to be within their parameter they will kill it (Coyotes, Fox, Raccoon, Skunk, Opossum, Snakes, Squirrels, Rabbits, sometimes cats (unless you Socialize them when you get them) if you socialize them with cats and rabbits any rabbit will be safe HOWEVER cats are different they know they are predator’s, you can socialize them with your cat and be fine but should that cat or others stalk baby poultry or poultry in general the Great Pyrenees will attempt to run it off then if needed they will kill it to protect their Pack. We say pack because the Great Pyrenees sees them as their family, other goats, sheep, birds can come in (Except Hawks or eagles) and they will accept them anything else comes in that fence you may find shredded at the fence line, that’s their job. Most our animals YES ducks will lay with the Great Pyrenees because they know they are protected.

We WILL NOT sell pups to anyone living in apartments these dogs need room to run and a need to work.

RESERVE YOURS WHEN ADVERTISED they only last until the end on the 3rd and 4th week.

This is a large breed dog and the size of Great Pyrenees in terms of weight and height is almost like a giant. Males and females vary in size.

Male – The male Great Pyrenees’ height is 27 to 32 inches and they weigh 100 to 160 pounds.

Female – The females have a height of 25 to 30 inches and the female Great Pyrenees’ weight can be 85 to 115 pounds


Have 10 Young Rabbits for sale live $8.00 ea. dressed $12.⁰⁰ ea.
Young Ducks $8.⁰⁰ ea. Dressed $14.⁵⁰ ea.
Young Blue Slate Turkeys $14.00 ea. Dressed $19.⁹⁹ ea.

Goats and Sheep will be available February will sell them day old needing bottle fed, Bottle Fed or weaned.

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