We do not recieve monitary or product compensation for any company or websites that appear on this page. This page is to simply to showcase buisness’s and interesting websites we have had and still have a positive expereance with.






This website is one of the best tools I have in #MicroFarming we keep track of all animals and all births for any type of animals you have. With #Goats we participate in the #USDA national #Scrapie eradication program so when we band the male goats we place ear tags in all the male and female goats, including new goats we may purchase. The Big Pond website also has poultry waterfowl egg incubating calculators, Livestock gestation calculators, Ration protien calculators and a calculator that tells you how namy square feet your chickens space needed in the chicken coop. GREAT SITE!!



Great Service with Buchheits of Greenville, IL, You could qualify for a farm account such as Metro East Farms does. This allows to to save on taxes since a farm is a buisness, Only farm supplies and feed qualify. Employees are super helpful in finding the items your looking for.




Rural King of Higland, IL is a good farm supply store, The employees working the floor checking on you to make sure finding what you are looking for are very knowlegable and friendly. Dont get confused with the other Rural Kings that aren’t the BIG R branded they aren’t the same stores.




Cackle Hatchery has a nice selection of poultry and water fowl, they were still operational during the COVID-19 pandemic but on a slower schedule for example my 5 Bourbon Red Turkeys had a July 20th 2020 hatch and ship date. They hatch only 2 days per week. While their are a few complaints with the Better Buisness Buros we feel most are malisious and some are being difficult to satisfy or read the info pages therefore with what we know as fact and buisness with them we have no issues in recomending their products and their birds.