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I started “Team Fat Boyz” around 2009 just as a fishing team back when I was 325 lbs. We did that for awhile when I thought about all the seniors who were in nursing homes or their own homes that couldn’t just pick up and go, they needed help. We started doing that and in March of 2012 I decided to incorporate as a Illinois Non-For-Profit.

We were interviewed by Gretchen Steele “Through The Lens” Heartland Outdoors Magazine in January 16 2012 (Photo Of Heartland Outdoors by Gretchen Steele) I then started a sister company to handle another project “Metro East Farms” around 2017 this was to keep donations separate when someone wanted to donate to one over the other.

Metro East Farms breed & trains therapy animals such as baby chickens, ducklings, turkeys, rabbits and baby goats. these are socialized with other animals and people so that they are so tame they want to be held and the goats (kids) mostly bottle fed are like puppies. We take these animals with other volunteers to nursing homes, assisted living homes, mentally handicapped children at NO CHARGE to the client. We survive on donations from the public, bushiness sponsors, supporters and members.

We have a program where if someone becomes a supporter of $150.00 or so much a month to reach $150.00 gets to give a baby animal a name once they get a name they live here till the end of their life. Just go to the supporters page to see who has donated.

The BIG white turkey is the same turkey as the one the senior is kissing.

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