Muslim Friendly Farms Network

Metro East Farms

Network list of Muslim Frendly Farms that allows onsite Halal & Zabiha slaughtering
of animals by people of Islamic / Muslim faith. The bottom of this page are ther requirements of farms to be listed in the network. A yearly membership fee will be required to stay on the list.

Metro East Farms
83 Mettlerville Lane
New Douglas, IL 62074
PRODUCT/ANIMALS AVAILABLE: Chicken & Duck Eggs, Fresh Goats Milk for Human Consumption or Bottle Feeding Lambs & Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Rabbits, Lambs Goats and Great Pyrenees Livestock Dogs
Slaughter Area away from veiw of ALL other animals, Clean Water Access, Tables with access to chlorine bleach and new fresh black sheets of plastic to cover table to prevent blood contamination.