Art Mriscin came to Metro East Farms to look at two Withers (Castrated Males) that we had here and he ended up purchasing them. While loading we was talking back and forth and got about rabbits. Justin Hofer a co-Founder and member of Team Fat Boyz and Metro East Farms has two buck rabbits, and I had thought about it for a while and trying to justify getting into a breeding program and was looking for does. Justin and I went to Mriscin Ranch located in New Douglas, IL to see what he had, and agreeing on a price we bought 3 does.

Within the week we got on the discussion if he had or knew of someone who had anymore does and within a couple minutes we bought another 2 from him. Rabbits reproduce fast, they could have 12 litters a year but in no way is that okay or recommended. Personally, I would stop at 5 or 6 liters per years. Rabbits are in the rodent family such as Squirrels, Rats, Mice and guinea Pigs. Rabbits make good pets if you work with them at a young age, sit them on your lap, across your shoulder, leash train and even litter train them. They also double as Meat Rabbits; they are very good and taste like Squirrel or chicken.

Rabbits dressed out bring a good price as well as the furs, there is a great market for pets, meat and fur and are worth producing should meat prices go up, loose a job or something in a pandemic such as the COVID-19 Pandemic we are dealing with now. All 7 rabbits now in the breeding program have names and as always on the farm when you name it we don’t butcher it.

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