NOW Taking Deposits on Great Pyrenees

Now taking deposits on Great Pyrenees

New Douglas, IL area

DROPPED PRICES TO $225.00 if you want to have your vet give them their First shots and we WILL however deworm them before they leave $125.00 Deposit still required and $199.00 due on pick up. TEXT or CALL 618-999-6661 for details.


Born outside, raised outside chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats, sheep and barnyard cats. This guys you can say have on the job training from day one. We have had a great record with our pups because we take so much emphasis in taking time with the puppies sitting on a pile of straw introducing them, the birds already understand the concept the pups are learning while in the barnyard. ANYONE that has got Great Pyrenees has nothing but good things to say about our farm puppies.

Lets talk about the nitty gritty and we will get into what WE do as LIVESTOCK PROTECTION DOG breeders and trainers.

  1. Puppies are $225.00 US Dollars TOTAL for male or female white or badger some people sell then at different prices for either markings or by sex we DO NOT.
  2.  $100.00 non refundable deposit required on each puppy (non refundable unless serious illness, injury or death) to many people chosen puppies a few years ago and changed their mind and becomes a pain in the ass to sell once they get older)
  3.  Puppies are microchipped at two weeks and only then are they cataloged on the website with Sex and a four digit number. This number is the last four digits of their microchip number. This positively identifies that puppy because as we have found Badger markings change, disappear and even in rare cases may appear anywhere at anytime on the K9.
  4.  YOU MAY at ANYTIME CALL us to set up an appointment to see or if you purchased an animal including Goats or Lambs visit and bond with your animals although we ask you to limit your visit to no more than a couple of hours a day. With the amount of work to do and limited people on grounds its hard to get daily chores done, unless you want to help out a bit we wont complain.
  5. If you live at a distance and traveling for visitation and pickup both isn’t possible feel free to send an item with your scent on it take a old pillow case on your pillow for a couple of nights sleeping on ot, take it off tie knots in it like a tug of war toy. WE will make sure each animal gets at least an hour a day with your sent item, this will socialize him/her with your scent. This is important because imprinting takes place in the breeders settings between 4 – 8 weeks, personally I think it starts earlier in the Livestock Protection Dogs because of the breeding and the Pyrenees Mountains isn’t a cake walk, myself I think He/She is already in that process at around 3 weeks even though wobble the nose, ears are their primary senses and the personal item the sooner it gets here the better.
  6.  We DO NOT offer any transporting of any kind,, WE TAKE NO GIFT CARD payments of any kind, if someone your thinking about buying a puppy from does you should be seeing RED FLAGS all over the place BUT we are also aware of REVERSE scams where someone puts down a deposit, pays when they pick up the puppy and then challenges the transaction getting a reversal. So here’s what we do take, FOR DEPOSITS ONLY CashApp, PayPal (Friends and Family ONLY In remarks you can put 4235# Corn or 4236# Corn depending on his/her number NO puppy/goat or lamb words) If I see the words I refund it PERIOD this includes Venmo also owned by PayPal until they fix their BS that’s the way it has to be We also will take Bitcoin,, Dogecoin for deposits and final payments you can also do something NEW called ZIP previously QuadPay, what’s really cool is most everyone starts off with a $200 limit I use it all the time just use the link here but lets say balance is $250.00 you generate a 1 time card I take that information run it and Zip will take like $47 first payment and finance of four even payments well you can check it out for yourself but with the exception of Cash, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, CashApp are the only forms of final payment UNLESS you Pay in FULL friends and family at the beginning we cant risk dealing with Paypal as final payment.
  7.  Provided you do happen to pay up front and payment clears we will release the entire microchip number so you can go ahead and register the puppy as yours in the national database which cost like $20.00 lifetime unless you change information on it or ownership which is NOT covered by purchase. Purchase price covers Microchipping (Not Optional), 1st set of puppy shots covering Parvo and distemper and such and worming at week 8 we have marked down 8 weeks although if he/she will be a working dog you can opt into an extra 2 weeks for extra training for $50.00 extra at this age they are mini garbage disposals.

Outside Pasture Raised Working Dogs

We have 2 inside raised puppies that due to circumstances are going to be inside trained and is by another set of parents and listed below these.

  1. These 5 puppies 3 Boys 2 girls of that one boy has badger markings and one girl has badger markings and all others are solid white. Mind you that badger markings can change, stay the same or disappear completely. These pups were born on Monday April 25 2022 in one of the goat shelter totes in the pasture and we heard her and stayed with her for the full duration since it was he first litter. At the time we had bottle fed baby goats in with her which had to be removed they were just to rowdy jumping all over her and the puppies but Saturday May 14 2022 they were sexed and microchipped Pictured and sex and last 4 digits of the microchip is on each photo to positively identify the puppy you choose and pay deposit on.

Puppies raised in the manner we raise them can fetch way more than we ask for ours. As stated our K9’s are WORKING DOGS, not house dogs, with the exception we will get to below. BUT they are born wherever they decide to have them at, it could be the chicken house, barn, Goat house totes or in one case under the milking stand/table in short the parameter of the fence that keeps in the livestock is their home that you will see roam the parameter several times a day or with the three may take up different positions in the pasture you think I’m kidding but it’s like a small military operation.

  1. Great Pyrenees walk their parameter they were bred and raised in the Pyrenees Mountains and roamed with the sheep and goats and mature males will in face roam if not neutered as soon as safe to do so some argument on this the at 6 – 8 months HOWEVER I disagree with this and while I don’t agree with everything the ASPCA has to say either males can be neutered as early as 8 weeks if healthy but if you can get a veterinarian to do the procedure I think if the puppy is healthy 3 – 4 months is an opportune time before even a hint of testosterone starts to cause bad habits, because while Great Pyrenees are intelligent, loyal and trustworthy K9’s they are also independent and that’s why you will hear stupid remarks that they are dumb or don’t get a Great Pyrenees they will roam, repeating what they seen in some LGD Groups on Facebook. any intact male will do anything it takes to escape to find a mate Great Pyrenees or a Chihuahua Testosterone is Testosterone.
  2.  Our puppies don’t just stay out there doing their own thing, a couple times a day we take a chicken, duck or baby turkeys and introduce them if one goes to nip play she/he is tapped on the nose and the NO command we use here is German for no “Nien” (pronounced Nine) training Search and Rescue K9’s mainly cadaver dogs different people use different words or phrases the reason is on a search and rescue scene imagine you have 4 K9’s working an area and someone’s dog is doing something wrong and he/she in a loud stern voice says STOP and then ALL 4 K9’s quit working whereas if each K9 handler has a different word this could have been avoided. The chances of someone having the word Nien as the stop word in the non search and rescue world so we use that. I mean as your pup is on the farm learning and growing until you pick up your K9 he is in our pack or heard depending which side of the fence your on so until you get your dog they are being taught NIEN (stop/no), COME, SIT, DOWN (we use instead of Lay), OFF(dogs that jump up on people)
  3.  Remember our dogs are dealt with every day NOT just born raised and running loose Below is a rare occasion of 2 pups raised indoors but at a premium due to puppy Pads, Cleaning materials and getting up every few hours kennel training so if you are looking for indoor dogs below are two.

These 2 will go super fast $275.00 Total but $125.00 deposit is required that leaves you $150.00 balance this includes the Puppy, Kennel Training, Puppy Pad Training eventually working on outside, generally we work on every 3 hrs extending longer and longer so that you should be able to be at work all day and have a dry house. the basic commands will be worked with NIEN (stop/no), COME, SIT, DOWN (we use instead of Lay), OFF(dogs that jump up on people) the idea is to give you a dog that has basic skills while not 100% guaranteed that EVERYTHING will be mastered you will get a K9 well socialized (Sorry we WILL NOT TRAIN ATTACK DOGS NOR HELP YOU TRAIN ONE) any questions feel free to message or call or contact ( See our reviews below.

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