One of the older residents of Metro East Farms “Pickles” has went to a new farm. Pickles has been on Metro East Farms since February 2018 as a 5-day old kid. We bottle fed him with another kid named Zoey both super friendly & house broke they would go out with the dogs and when they started pulling tablecloth of tables, climbing couches and kitchen tables and we had to evict them to the barn. He is a Boer and Kiko mix.


Pickles loves to play, and Justin played with him a lot with unintended consequences. He would grab him by the horns and ears messing with him so, Pickles likes to play a little rough. He doesn’t intentionally but if you remember watching goats on TV you would remember when you bend over to do something and yea he’ll but ya.

Sometimes walking out in the pen he will drop his head and but you, he is not doing it to attack or be mean he just wants to play. He has fathered many kids here and healthy kids and as a good father and surprisingly he protects them. We let him out on occasions, he never goes far, never goes to the road and comes running when you holler “YUP!!” (that means time to eat) and he does answer to his name Pickles, if you holler Frank, Fred, Billy or what ever he ignores you, and if he sees a yellow bucket he will follow you anywhere. Finally, he is leash trained and walks well on it.

He serviced 5 does and each spring the does birthed kids on the same day or on two consecutive days. So, he is proven and potent. This October I will be 55 years old and have many medical issues and he has knocked me down 4 or 5 times because I wasn’t paying attention so when offered the opportunity to trade him for another buck with good bloodlines the decision was made to do the trade knowing he will be taken care of because of his friendliness as long as he is with another goat he will be fine.

The trade is For a Boer, Nubian mix we named Andre (Andre The Giant) he is a good strong little buck, he is old enough to use as our lead buck. He is greyish and he has a thick body like his daddy shown below with Andre. It is our hope that Pickles enjoys his new home and he will be missed very much but as with any business and or farm decisions must be made to benefit the farm.

Below is contact information of Mriscin Ranch, good to deal with and good deals buy, sell or trade, Goats, Ducks, Rabbits and sometimes other small farm animals. Give him a call or look him up on Facebook he is easy to deal with and one you can trust.

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