Rhode Island Red Rooster

I am looking for an adult full blooded Rhode Island Red Rooster near New Douglas, IL area for my12 girls that looks like the picture. As a bed I told a friend I could sex baby chicks a week old. He took my bet and said pick out 12 Girls and I’ll pay for them but if any of them are roosters, just one you pay double what he paid at the store. Me, I say its a BET!! About 7 months later I am stuck with the task of finding damn Rhode Island Red Rooster and yes I won the bet 12 out of 12 are in fact hens with 12 eggs a day but one is broody so I’m going to let her set and I have an old rooster out here named Foghorn Leghorn but he’s a mutt. I’ll pay up to $20.00 for a healthy rhode Island Red Rooster. older juvenile to a 2 year old is acceptable.

Whatsapp number +16185674552 or office number 618-488-6718 or email: purchasing@metroeastfarms.com

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