Ritual Slaughter for Muslim and Jewish Customers

Ritual slaughter as a mandatory practice of slaughter for food production is practiced by Muslim and Jewish communities totaling nearly 25% of the world population, and at Metro East Farms we allow both Halal Kosher slaughter, and shechita on site slaughter. Muslim and Jewish customers can be assured no swine is on the farm nor has one been butchered on the farm. We are working on providing a better shielding to keep other animals from viewing as we already have a large table and running water but in the process of finding a large kitchen sink top to allow more room for butchering and privacy.

As our herd grows the lambs and goats without blemish will be culled from the rest of the herd tails not docked nor castrated or dehorned and their diet consist of Grass, Hay, and verifiable grains with NO BY-PRODUCTS whatsoever. This is to ensure you get the highest quality meat that is in strict accordance with your standards.

There are a couple of options we know not all can take the waste with them. The price you will be quoted will be based on you taking the waste with you for dumping. We have had officers come here where someone dumped just down the road, and this is NOT acceptable. If this happens the law will be given the information, we have plate number etc. If you take it, you take it far away were its legal or fish food. If WE discard the waste for you their will be a $35.00 per animal charge and you Pay, slaughter, pack and be on your way and we will compost the materials where its not a hazard to humans or other animals.

Most farms Don’t allow this anymore so please be kind to us who do, and we will be kind to you, we are in the process of building a network of farmers who do or will allow on site slaughter, do business with those of us who do and spread the word. IF you by chance can not find a farm that will let you do on farm slaughter, contact me and for a fee, I will let you slaughter here. Remember the Muslim and Jewish community is just as important to my business than a Christian or Non-Christian. I will be fair, Honest and will do my best to keep you a happy customer.

This includes Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Goats and Lambs

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