Sexing ducklings and even baby chickens and geese aren’t always a black and white issue, sometimes in different breeds you can tell by the shades of colors. One of the easiest ways to sex poultry is vent sexing, and with a little practice you can do it 100%. Depending on your vision you may need a magnifying glass with light, and it should help you to make sure.

You can also use this same method sexing turkeys and geese, I learned to do this so that we could get a better price on the females and the males people buy for meat birds and even show birds since their plumage is so much prettier than the hens. The other reason I wanted to learn sexing is that at most of these farm supply stores, they sell baby chicks and ducklings. Imagine buying a dozen babies and 70% to 80% of them being roosters or drakes which 60% of a straight run will be roosters and allot of times hatcheries will sex chicks to sell at a premium price making the ones they sell to the stores a bigger percentage of roosters, DON’T let them fool you it’s a fact.

The video listed in this post can be used for Chicks, Ducklings and Turkeys for sure. This is a playlist of different ways and different types of poultry.

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