Sorry about the slow post with January and February weather things just severely slowed down and the work didn’t. We have 8 Goat kids of now 4 doe’s and 4 buckling’s. One large male buckling will go to market and 2 doe kids will be kept, a Nubian and a Saanen to be dairy goats. 3 Buckling Kids, 2 Doe Kids and 3 adult does will also be sold off the farm or go to auction.

We currently have 41 duck eggs in the incubator at this time and 8 ducklings and 1 chick up for sale and waiting on the Royal Palms to start laying and we will begin incubating those the day they start laying. We should again have Great Pyrenees puppies in May 13th 2021 or pretty close. This years puppies will include and be.

Total Purchase price of $300.00 and $150.00 of that will be a non refundable deposit unless the animal dies or injured before taking custody of the canine. At 6 weeks we will give them a spectra 9 vaccination as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by Canine Distemper, infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Adenovirus Type 2 (CAV-2), Canine Parainfluenza, Canine Parvovirus Type 2b, Leptospira CanicolaLeptospira GrippotyphosaLeptospira IcterohaemorrhagiaeLeptospira Pomona. This will be at no extra charge, by this time you need to decide on chipping your dog, If you choose to chip him or her we will add an additional charge of $25.00 this will assure that should your animal become lost or stolen you can prove the canine is yours and we keep records as well to verify you were the original owner bought from our farm.

We will keep everyone updated on the progress, this year though their will be absolutely no holds without a deposit due to a couple deals that fell through so instead of naming names it will be a first deposit first serve.




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