Challenges in Raising Sheep & Goats Together

Title: Understanding Key Challenges in Raising Sheep and Goats: Copper Toxicity and Management Differences Introduction: Raising sheep and goats together can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. However, it’s important to be aware of certain challenges associated with these animals. In … Continue reading

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The Mighty Guardians: Great Pyrenees

Title: The Mighty Guardians: Great Pyrenees – The Best Livestock Protectors! Introduction: In the world of livestock protection, one breed stands tall and proud – the Great Pyrenees. With their impressive size, thick coats, and exceptional cold weather endurance, these … Continue reading

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No longer supporting Big Pond Livestock Manager

We as a small farm mainly non for profit have been HUGE advocates of Big Pond Livestock Managment Software online. BEFORE adds werent to intrusive fairly small using since about 2019 we atarted adding animals like i said ads were … Continue reading

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