TicTok Supporters

100% of your donations go to the care of all animals involved in the birth, training, medical and care. These animals are trained as therapy animals for nursing homes, disabled and autistic childrens birthday parties.

Welcome to the @metroeastfarms TicTok followers page. Metro East Farms Will Go LIVE every evening at 7:00 Pm CST from the pasture of the farm with the animals (depending on the weather). ALL gifting donations go directly to the Organization to purchase feed, straw, & medical issues that might arise. Our yearly operating budget runs approximately $5000 (see the about us page).

There will be a “Gold Top Spot” and the top gifters each week will get their name at the top of the page for the entire week “Gold Top Spot”.

Top 3 Supporters each Live event will make the list, Your name will NOT be removed, it will just move down the list. The top donators are chosen by the gift points x the amount given so that 5 pandas would be a total of 25 (5 x 5 = 25).

As soon as we start getting names the samples will disapear