We are almost there! You can help us help them.

Good Afternoon! Allot of things have been finished this last month a volunteer crew came up last weekend to put up the new fence to give the goats another ½+ acres and increases their grazing area allowing us to cut back on grains until after the first frost when Grain and hay will take the place of the grazing pasture.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we have cut as much as can and operating on the bare minimum. We had one nursing home event in January then COVID-19 shut everything down and people lost their jobs and donations from our regular donators plummeted. Even with us not doing events because of the pandemic we still must take care of the animals, WE NEED YOUR HELP

Straw – $75.00 This will last us for 12 months by buying in bulk.

Feed is a little different situation because of the types of feed needed.

350lbs – Whole Corn $6.04 per #50 Bag
400lbs – Cracked Corn $7.19 per #50 Bag
250lbs – Egg Laying Pellets $8.99 per #50 Bag
250lbs – Hen Scratch $7.99 per #50 Bag
300lbs – All Flock Poultry Feed $11.21 per #50 Bag
250lbs – Chick Starter $11.97 per #50 Bag
250lbs – Rabbit Pellets $10.99 per #50 Bag
500lbs – Goat Sweet Feed $9.49, $12.99 per #50 Bag

50lbs – Sodium Bicarb #50 $21.99 per #50 Bag

The feed and straw are a priority and needs before the end of the year. You can purchase these products at our feed store via their website then they will notify us to pick it up or PayPal us we are a verified business and accept major credit cards and debit cards or visit us and you can use our Point of Sale reader.

(PayPal donate@metroeastfarms.com)

Hopefully the nursing homes will open back up and we can get back to take these animals to go visit them. Any and all help is appreciated.

You can call for more information Voice/Text 217-800-6448 (Text 24 hrs Voice 6am – 8pm CST)

If you can donate via PayPal at donate@metroeastfarms.com or send check or money order to

Metro East Farms
C/O Paul Ragsdale Jr.
83 Mettlerville Lane
New Douglas, IL 62074

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