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Small Farmers Coop 1st Draft

This Coop is for farmers / Breeders that require depositsts and buyers unsure of the source. Our objective is to #1. Stop Scammers Dead In Their Tracks. #2. Collect and hold the buyers deposit until transaction is completed and should buyer / seller conflicts then Metro East Farms would become the arbitrator in a binding hearing.

How it works?

1. Farmer fills out paperwork to become a member of the Coop and requires photo holding paper uo with info we”ll ask you at the time to do or live video chat with one of our staff.

2. We verify all your information FULL name, DOB, phones, address own/rent, years at location etc. (this info is kept on offline files NEVER online files.

3. $10 simple non refundable background checks (thefts, burglaries, scams, fraud & Forgury) are the ONLY things we are looking for, again all info is private.

4. Once you are verified your Farm, name, and general location, ytpical livestock, farm products, equipment or livestock Protection K9’s (LDG) I don’t like calling them Livestock GuardcDogs. They do a valuable job, therefore in my eyes deserve a better classification as a SAR dog being a trainer. So basicly you start out 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

5. When your name is added to the safe list and we have verified you, transactions can be handled in two ways. Put down their required deposit keep all emails, screenshots anything in writing should one party not follow through to which either party can choose arbitration a binding hearing determining who is at fault and who keeps or receives money back. (Arbritration each person pays $5 fee so it’s even not bought, this is for arbritares time and Arbitration will be by video conference and recorded for records)

6. Decision is final, of you did NOT submit your evidence your SOL.


Begining of your

sale / purchase

1. Contact and talk to the seller verify he/she is on our list, if so continue if not proceed at your own risk.

2. Seller will talk with you, show videos or pictures, description, total amount of money and deposit required NOW YOU AND SELLER MUST AGREE on a deal and whether seller will receive the deposit or if buyer pays the deposit to Metro East Farms to be placed in holdings or escrow until which date comes that the transaction is to be completed. *if we are holding deposit and 72 hours lapses and buyer isn’t deseased he/she needs to find a way to contact us within the 72 hours with a no bullshit reason like I said dead, jail or admitted in hospital arbitrators ruling is final.

3. Whomever defaults in the agreement looses, simple as that. Sellers, make sure the agreement is written out in FULL, email to buyer to sign in front of a notary and email / deliver to seller you can pay them the deposit or as mentioned we will hold until which the deal is completed and notified by both parties anf funds will be released instantly minus any transaction fees by the money transfer platform.

4. PAY ATTENTION! During EVERY transaction savev ALL emails, screenshots, photos everything. Should it need to gi go to arbitration you need this or take a chance on loosing your case.

5. OUR WARRENTY: We collect information from any small farm wishing to be METRO verified so as personal as it seems its enough to verify animals and livestock, location, duration of residence a background check looking for criminal history theft, theft by deceit, forgury, burglary, breaking and entering, frauds and scams (As a retired Missouri bail bondsman / Fugitive Recovery Agent and automotive / Boat Reposession I still have sources)

6. We can accept your deposit using our secure payment platforms to accept checks, cash, credit/debit, PayPal, Cashapp, Square, Google Pay, Venmo, Zettle, Crypto Currencies & Bitcoin AND you can pay your deposit using zip, once registered on our link and aproved) you can get a virtual credit/debit say the depossit in 100.⁰⁰ you pay us the deposit. Zip takes 25% from your bank and you make the other equel 3 payments every 2 weeks until paid in full. Zip pays us in full so your deposit is paid in full by zip , so Zip collects the remaining 3 payments from you iyou can still pick up your item after yo pay the balance to the seller. The deposit balance is between you and Zip.

7. Finals – using the 5 star ☆☆☆☆☆ system 1 sucks, 5 Awesome and no less than 10 words your experience.

WHAT wonderful be tolerated are baseless claims not backed by evidence. Emails complete with headers and untouched routing, Unaltered screenshots and or photos (my software knows if it’s been tampered with), video chats make sure you let them know your recording, or any other tangible evedence. You spread 💩on a buyer or seller with no backing evidence it’s going to cause you major issues.

1 Strike your out, as a COOP member, we hold you to a higher standard and our website will post on its website MMembers not in good standing.

Questions. Feel free to contact t us.





















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