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  Goats have the reputation of being able to stomach almost anything; in fact, they are more common used for weed control, but in fact there is there are quite several plants goats cannot eat. It is important to learn … Continue reading

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The Math of Live Weight to Frozen Cuts in Lamb, Goats, Pork and Beef

The Math of Live Weight to Frozen Cuts in Lamb Live to Hanging Weight Sheep lose about half their weight going from live weight to hanging weight. Live weight is just what it sounds like- the weight of the animal “on … Continue reading

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Sorry about the slow post with January and February weather things just severely slowed down and the work didn’t. We have 8 Goat kids of now 4 doe’s and 4 buckling’s. One large male buckling will go to market and … Continue reading

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November Updates – Puppies and more

Hello and welcome to another Metro East Farms update. October was kind of rough we lost a very good dog that we rescued many years ago. he passed away mid-October; he will be sorely missed. We have had a few … Continue reading

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Winterizing your Poultry House

(Pictures at bottom of the page) Hello Friends, today we are going to talk about Poultry, specifically today we will talk about winterizing your hen house and helping your chickens to be comfortable during the winter months. Chickens are resilient … Continue reading

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Banned from Facebook for 15 More Days

It’s obvious that any post that was a non-Democrat vote was struck swiftly by Facebook and for 1 post that was posted back in February and one post in March that was both Pro-Trump and against the Liberal and socialist … Continue reading

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More About Us and More of The Help We Need

We train and socialize small farm animals such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, goats, puppies and dogs to nursing homes to visit with the residents. We often take these animals inside the facility and the residents are allowed to hold, … Continue reading

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End of September 2020 Report

Donations Paul Ragsdale Sr. $200.00 Mike Bridgent $50.00 Susan Davis $30.00 Total $280.00 Sales 7 Roosters Sold $30.00 Total $30.00 Income Totals A – Donations $280.00 B – Sales $30.00 Total – A + B = T $310.00 All Expenses … Continue reading

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We are almost there! You can help us help them.

Good Afternoon! Allot of things have been finished this last month a volunteer crew came up last weekend to put up the new fence to give the goats another ½+ acres and increases their grazing area allowing us to cut … Continue reading

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Donation Drive Update

Yesterday we received a $200.00 cash donation handed to us by a Highland, IL man who wishes to be anonymous. The donation was to be towards the hay leaving a balance of $50.00 this hay will last us until this … Continue reading

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