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Vetrenarians taking advantage of disabled and low income customers.

If I woon the lottery or investors in a COOP, I’d be putting some vetrenarians in the unemployment line, read on, I’m pissed!

You know there are a lot of things that burns MY ASS more than anything in this world I mean the one thing that really fries my ass in 90 weight motor oil is when the veterinary system holds you hostageWhen it comes to providing emergency medical care for your little loved one or in most people’s cases they call their fur babies.

It hasn’t been the first time you, me or anybody else has been FORCED to make an agonizing decision. My family and I had done buisness with a vetrenerian in Greenville, IL since 1976, 77 and when the old man used to run it. (Bristow) who unfortunately is just a partner now and we or I could never get a break after that. Shit I even did odd jobs for him but nothing anymore where I could pay a few hundred they would x rays and st the leg and pay $50 for 3 weeks and all done, no more!

You know, you build a trust until their buisness gets big enough then they no longer need to allow them any time what so ever to pay payments every payday until you was done or you put livestock up for collateral per sale 100’s of bales of hay or straw. Shit there is ALWAYS a market for that shit.

A man 30 years ago I TRAINED SEARCH AND RESCUE K9’s. for Tri-State Search & Rescue Inc. Out of Elsah, IL we had major money tied up on our K9’s my Cadavar K9 probably $7K but we’re worth every bit of $30K easy. For some stupid reason someone gave him a ham bone which constipated him so bad and so impacted so bad they wanted to to an emergency surgury wanted Rabies paperwork, freaking out couldn’t find it, (just theaterics) Emerg visit $120, emerg x rays $470, emerg bloodwork $600, surgury $1,500 $$ for this $$ for that , “Well how much do I owe you now”? $500.⁰⁰ so far Mr Ragsdale would you like to to pay that cash, credit or debit,?

Huh? I’m like you need to give me a few minuets, I mean these sons bitches want $2K at once. So I say look this is rediciculis, we ain’t got it, no Way cant I get it today and probably tomorrow either, I say a $30K dog you cant help cause me? Why can’t we do enema and lube the entrails cod liver oil let’s just fuc@king insert lube up and I’ll keep warm compresses as much as possible we stayed up all night take a spoon break some loose, and keep lubing and LUCKELY he broke loose thank God, I cramped so bad managing and rubbing until they broke loose ccompletely, but I’ve learned more from Merik Vet Professional than I ever would from these idiots but since 1976 folks, is 47 years my family has done buisness, I’ve had issues where Bill would be $X.xx and I have $X.xx and I can load up a head or 2 of livestock tomorrow night and come by after the auction and settle up. OH, she says you have to pay in full before services rendered. And I’m like WTF your going to have her until Wendsday anyways, Tes but we collect up to the estimate in case something doesn’t go planned but still eanted to charge $300 or something to spay hey, shit she’s 13, Japanise Chin expectancy is only 14 – 16 what to you mean you need to spay he. Seems like vets put you on the spot and THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

I’ve herd story after story after story people done the same way but should I be able to win $250 Million, or get a crowd fundme to generate the rrevenue with $65 Mil off the top in high berbearing interest, AND JUST the interest generating enough interest to cover supplies, 3 people 1 shifts, 2 people 1 shift and 1 person at night reception, 3 vet assistance personel 2 shifts and 2 assistance for 3rd shift and, 3 doctors 3 shifts on 2 doctors on the night shift. 1 Janitor per shift, 3 doctors on a 1/ hour shift over the weekend with 1 cover (sleeping on premise) doctor 2 assistants 12/12 1 sleep room on the premise and 3 Janitors 12/12 overlapping everybody gets paid fair building / land maintinance, taxes on its own without touching the primary money but feasaby could take 3% net and never collapse.

The theory is a 100 acre rescue / vetrenary complex. Take in % K9, %Cats %Farm Animals and possibly exotic or tur into a petting zoo or something to help support it. The facility would also have a 20 acre Rainbow Pet Cemetary” for cremation Urns “ONLY” Some ground burial, some Mousoleum type and a large 30 L x 30 W x 20 H building with a mousoleum look with the exception of these have small non see through doors such as a P.O box where if the animal owner chose to move, he/she could simply contact management/Groundskeeper and unlock the door, remove their urn, employee verifies the 1’x1’x1’ crypt is empty and clean, refund Crypt & key Deposit and zero it for another potential customer. The Customer Urn Crypts are accessible 24/7 (Lobby Cameras) You take your fur baby’s urn to 1 of 3 bathroom sized rooms (non denominational decorations with small table, chair and pew to kneel should you want to pray)

WHATS SO IMPORTANT OUT ALL THIS? IM SICK AND TIRED OF VETRENARIANS taking advantage to those on fixed and or disability income. Here’s what the payments in our 24/7 365 vet service structures, yes there has to be tweaks and fixes but just the jist.

1. ANYONE on SOCIAL SECURITY check, NO MORE THAN 3 cats and/or dogs.

2. Farm type animals can not included in program but get livestock rates BUT also can put certain livestock as payment collateral.

3. Those below the poverty level and have 3 dogs and or cats per address / family qualify for the program 100% free, no charge peperiod. Then those at slightly higher pay grade but still considered low income and those people would get let’s say a 50% discounts and bill payment plan, unless a follow up we will call it an “incident” so cat gets hit by car surgury, yadda, yadda $600.⁰⁰ that’s and incident, you will make payments until paid in full unless there was 2 follow ups after surguty those will added to the 1 incident rule one paid off you can have another incident because you fulfilled your payments.

4. Normal regular everyday folk with income under $35,000.⁰⁰ – $44,000.⁰⁰ we will set up a limit, incident or cost limit based on credit balance must before anything else can be added.

5. Anyone above $44,000.⁰⁰ although you STILL get a discount meaning less than surrounding vetrenarians you will be taxed 1.01% towards low income slush fund to keep programs free for the disabled. (ie normal bill Greenville $1,300.00 our fee aprox $788.⁰⁹ + 1.01% = $795.⁹⁵ so it’s not that much to help others and you know what else is great? Disabled (Bond, Madison, Montgomery, Macoupin county residence ) pay NOTHING (up to 3 rule) regardless. Bond / Madison County low income FREE Boosters / Rabies shots Macupin and Montgomery half price same with spay and neutering.

6. ANYONE Basicly if you get a written estimate we will go 26% below that Price and if you fall within income brackets can get a payment plan.

LOOK HERES WHY WE WANT TO BLOW THIS SHIT WIDE OPEN! It can be done with the proper funding, a COOP of investors or Winning the lottery, if you put a 8 figure high interest or managed account figure such as $10 Mil – $25 Mil drawing interest or returns on investments generates enough revenue itself to maintain wages, maintinance, supply and utilities on a 50 – 100 acre compound without digging into reserves including the FIRST pet cemitary in Bond County, IL. This facility would be in BOND County 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year (366 leap year) FREE nutering/spay program, 1x guarenteed Financing on mid / upper income (pay off before can charge again (case by case)) NO EMERGENCY HOURS OPEN 24/7, I’m sure my plan would need tweaking I’m sure but even though propetual motion may not exist right now self sustaining is. As long at you take a large number such as 10 million and bank 80% and invest 20% the formula should provide more than enough to cover employees, supplies, utilities and even benefits and possibly maintain a small FREE petting zoo or petting farm. I am so sick and tired of seeing vetrenarians charge prices that RAPE the customer / victim PISSED me off to decide to say for example remove an eye or put it down, either way it’s going to cost you but us farmers have a solution for that and on the farm is the most chosen, unless your busy hugging oak & maple trees. Now my dad’s K9 “Baby Girl” (RIP) a farmer will simply spend a $2 bullet and take care of it but in the case of K9’s and other Animals we ger to close, attached and treated as a family member.


1. Cares for the animal before the customer.

2. 100% Legit FREE for up to 3 dogs and or cats total per address per family. (don’t try to work the system you will be rejected).

3. 100% FREE NUTERING & SPAYING for fixed and low income.

4. 25% or more LESS than other veterinarian visits including payment plan options.

5. May use livestock, goats, sheep, pigs, Cattle, horses, pony, lamas, Ostrich and even emu’s and farm equipment. You don’t pay we pick (collateral up) you pay it stays with you.

6. Credit/Debit BitCoin, reclaimed building materials and other options available.

IM DEAD ASS SERIOUS some of these Vetrenarians gotta go, Take a dog to Greenville you will pay for this or we won’t do that, few days late waiting on paperwork on a K9 for a 3 year vaccination and charge you for a exam and a 1 year shot FDA even says a few days even a week the 3 year vaccination can still be and would still work with no adverse affects. The fact of the matter is there is more doctors per person ratio vs Animals per veterinarian. Therefore they are going to lube you up and make you scream daddy until your rear end is bloody and your wallet, well they emptied that sons a bitch yea even the credit, debit and ID’s yea they recycled that shit to get every last fraction of every cent.

SHOULD we find a vetrenary clinic who charges a fair price for supplies and services rendered we will inform the public.

1. Lower cost on supplies and services.

2. Provides a wellness protection quartly program (discounted if paid yearly) or even collects premiums as insurance and covers anything pertaining to that animal to its policy cap.

3. Will allow livestock and or farm machinery to be used as collateral of a bill. (50% of animals worth) animal needing medical and using a horse worth $800.⁰⁰ would be $400.⁰⁰ counted towards collateral something simular. Power of attorney papers are 5 min to draw up Noterize it and don’t pay you go take their shit, I was a bail bondsman, Fugitive Recovery and reposessions don’t pay you? I’ll go take their shit.

4. Loyalty Program – 2% Account cash Back program. $2000.⁰⁰ Bill = $20.⁰⁰ On your next visit or just keep letting it build.

The fact of the matter I’ve seen people put an animal down because they didn’t have a thousand they only had $500.⁰⁰ it happened to me, DON’T BE A DICK and say if they couldn’t afford a vet they shouldn’t have an animal, BULLSHIT, situations change, peeoples lives change, I inherited a $1,500.⁰⁰-$2,300.⁰⁰ Japimise Chin that belonged to my mother she passed, dad kept her was going to have the mass removed but airways are narrow on Chins and because they said COULD BE complications and might loose her he ddidn’t, THIS is part of my sisters fault he had dementia they (sisters) could have explained, he died 3 months after being diagnosed with Lukemia. When he went to hospice she came to live with us forever, we knew he wasn’t coming home.

About 3 months later emergency visit, x rays that was $406.⁰⁰ USD said cancer was working in the lungs now but we could do surgury but recommend getting her spayed yadda yadda bring me a estimate of $1,500+ why even offer spaying, removing the mass on what obviously is stage 4 broke open and bleeding. I’m just furious not so much as credit to any Joe blow but Shit 1976 with Doc Bristow and knowing I have 23 , 26 head of goat and sheep you figured and I said I could go up Tuesday take a couple head and come by and pay them off Wendsday Evening.

“I’m sorry we have to have payment upfront” that’s some cold ass bullshit right there.

“Baby Girl” maybe you found your way across that rainbow Bridge to see your mama and daddy wished I could have done more but uunfortunately, I didnt have the money to save you and your daddy letting it go so long not sure I could have. Love you ” Baby Girl”


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