A Big Thank You

  1. A big thank you to Amy Britton & family for donating the 4 bags of dog food. After purchasing 3 Great Pyrenees for her and sister and discussing taking animals to visit seniors at nursing homes and disabled and autistic kids birthday parties absolutely FREE of charge to clients and even though this was done before our long talk goes to prove what kind of people Amy and her family are.
Thank you Amy Britton Family GC Illinois

We have been in service since 2009 taking seniors fishing and later about 2012 incorporated in 2012 as a Illinois Non for Profit (Team Fat Boyz inc) currently in incorporation name change approval.

Folks when we talk about donations it can be cash, feed, hat, straw, building supplies like tin, lumber, fence post, old or new fence and electric fence post and wire, Romex wire, labor on the farm, volunteers at events at nursing homes and autistic/disabled party events, Bitcoin, Dogecoin it doesnt have to be cash.

We want to have a big yard sale in the fall or some other type of fund raiser, if you think you can help contact us at events@metroeastfarms.com and again thank you the Amy Britton Family.

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