No longer supporting Big Pond Livestock Manager

We as a small farm mainly non for profit have been HUGE advocates of Big Pond Livestock Managment Software online. BEFORE adds werent to intrusive fairly small using since about 2019 we atarted adding animals like i said ads were fairly small but versitility we loved it and so many different species.

So we decided to pay at that time a small fee. HOWEVER a few times the system goes down gets multable errors and the only copy is on this system NO WAY TO DOWNLOAD a file as a back up, BUT COMES back up after a couplecdays HOWEVER NO REPLIES TO EMAILS. So definatly disapointed but again we purchase add free and soldured on BUT AGAIN 2 more database errors didnt even recognize our login credentials. AGAIN EMAILS NOT ANSWERED but within 36 hours were back up running.

2022 NOW we have these HUGE AZZ IN YOUR FACE ADDS TOP AND BOTTOM OF EVERY DAMN PAGE. and now 18.00 Canadian ($13.97) so we decided we will be removing ads from our website i can we will no longer pay a raise again for services that WELL, pretty much scare us to death in loosing vital birth, medical including breeding, birthing and death data. And well this year the cost, the risk and big ass half page ads at the top and bottom of EVERY SINGLE PAGE.

WE are currently working with developers which will contain the same information, calculators and such then some.It will allow for downloading your data in multable formats. Access to the system in 100% FREE TO USE, NO ADS! $9.00 USD donations will give you only ONE benifit and that is downloading ALL your data up to once a week (4x per month) for a period of 12 months to the date of your $9.00 USD donation.

AS LONG as you download twice a month you will NEVER loose your data. Not a donator and the system goes down? Due to daily back ups you can have access to your data up to the time of the daily back up curl event (clock reset back up event) so you see donating allows downloading data as soon as you finish a major update.

We have our servers PAID in advance for 5 years, as long as we have them invoice us on end of year 4 by contract our rates for our domain hosting will NEVER increase EVER so there will NEVER be a reason to increase FEES or add BULSHIT ADS. YES we are extremely disapointed and we done full page print outs to protect our data. PLEASE COPY ALL YOUR DATA WEB PAGE PRINTOUTS and force them to DELETE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.

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