Challenges in Raising Sheep & Goats Together

  • Title: Understanding Key Challenges in Raising Sheep and Goats: Copper Toxicity and Management Differences


Raising sheep and goats together can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. However, it’s important to be aware of certain challenges associated with these animals. In this article, we will explore two major issues that farmers and hobbyists encounter: copper toxicity and management differences between sheep and goats.

1. Copper Toxicity:

Copper toxicity is a significant concern when raising sheep and goats. These animals require trace amounts of copper for proper health and development. However, excessive copper intake can lead to toxicity, causing serious health problems and even death.

To prevent copper toxicity, it is crucial to manage the animals’ copper intake carefully. This can be achieved by providing mineral blocks or feed that are specifically formulated for sheep and goats, ensuring that the copper levels are within acceptable limits. Regular monitoring and consultation with a veterinarian can help maintain optimal copper levels.

2. Management Differences:

Apart from copper toxicity, there are notable management differences between sheep and goats that should be taken into account:

a) Shearing: While sheep need to be sheared regularly to control their wool growth, Katahdin sheep are bred for animal events and, therefore, do not require shearing. This makes them a suitable choice for those who prefer not to handle the shearing process.

b) Grazing Preferences: Sheep primarily feed on grass, while goats have a preference for browsing on bushes, trees, and shrubs. If you have both sheep and goats, it is essential to provide an area with a mix of grass and natural vegetation to cater to their distinct grazing needs.

c) Fencing: Goats are known for their ability to climb and jump, so sturdy fencing is necessary to prevent them from escaping. Electric fencing can be an effective solution to keep goats contained. On the other hand, sheep have a tendency to push against fences and can accidentally fall over them. Ensuring solid fencing and regular inspections are essential to avoid such incidents.


Raising sheep and goats requires careful attention to specific challenges such as copper toxicity and management differences. By being aware of these issues and implementing appropriate measures, you can provide a safe and healthy environment for your animals. Remember to consult with experts, such as veterinarians and experienced farmers, to ensure the well-being of your sheep and goats.

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