Just A Little Pissed Off

When you deal with a guy buying hay and straw for our non profit we call and giving FREE advertising we make a call for pick up and informs us hay is now $65.⁰⁰ per bale on hay and $15.⁰⁰ for straw which is crazy a 30% increase blaming it on twine and diesel fuel which off road/farm diesel .20 cents less than regular diesel and checking on rolls of twine makes him a liar 13.4% increase on fuel and no change on twine made in the US and according to Jones Twine & Net Wrap has not changed in 6 months only imported has fluctuated.

A 30% increase isn’t justify the increase so we are no longer advertising Kamworth farms orher than the mention in this article.

Anyone wanting super free advertising willing to give us a cut as a non for profit in Illinois and we need orchard or g rass hay, some weeds are fine as long as there are no cucklburrs which will kill goats.


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