Due To the COVID-19 Pandemic ALL events to nursing centers & assisted living homes are hereby canceled due to the Illinois Governor locking down all nursing homes and assisted living quarters. We also feel this as a good call, and we want to make sure they & I are safe from this potential deadly disease. We will post when they are re-scheduled.

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Bucklings For Sale

Metro East Farms has 2 bucklings for sale. The white buckling born January 18 2020 at this time he is intact. The black buckling born January 19 2020 he has a white tuft like a star between the eyes and is also Intact at this time.

If you want yours banded (castrated) I will do it at no extra cost, however when doing this the scrotum dries up and falls off. When doing this they need a Tetnus shot & Penicillin shot to protect them from infection and Tetnus the toxin bacterium Clostridium tetani. I have to charge $13.00 for each goat.

Contact us at 618-567-4552 or

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Metro East Farms Livestock – 2019 Bond County Fair 4-H

Metro East Farms had 2 goats a Alpine mix wither named Whiskey and a Alpine Mix doe named Zoey they went to a micro-farm in Greenville, IL Bond County Cassidy Beaver who entered them into the Bond County 4-H Fair.

Whiskey (wither) won Champion and Zoey (doe) took reserve champion to see when animals might be available keep visiting our website.

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2 Buckling’s For Sale On Metro East Farms

We have 2 Buckling’s for sale Black one with White star on his forehead he was born January 18 2020, the White Buckling was born on January 19 2020 both are intact males I will band him for no extra charge (castration) and give them a Tetanus shot. All our goats are registered in the National Scrapie Eradication Program and all new goats are quarantined Newly-purchased Goats & Sheep should be isolated for at least 2 weeks, preferably 30 days, before being co-mingled with other animals on our farm or being turned out to pasture. A period of isolation provides an opportunity to detect a disease problem before the rest of your sheep or premises are exposed.

Both bucks are $100.00 each Boer Kiko Mix and the babies themselves showed no parasite loads. This year some of my Doe’s tested positive with a low worm count so the entire herd has been treated. I will give you an extra dose to take with you just in case they would show signs.

I have one doeling for sale born on January 19 2020 she is a sweet heart all 3 babies are still nursing but they are eating a little sweet feed and hay. Her National Scrapie Eradication number is IL-7048 0015 she is $200.00 she is tame and loves her neck scratched.

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Gastrointestinal Parasites in Sheep and Goats

(Metre, 2010) Depending on the parasite, signs of gastrointestinal parasitism can range from weight loss, diarrhea, anemia with pale mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth, “bottle jaw” (edematous swelling under the jaw), generalized weakness and eventually death.

Because most gastrointestinal helminthes are transmitted directly from one host to another, many parasitism problems arise from overstocking, or simply having too many animals on a given section of land. Overcrowding contributes to added stress on the animals as well as added competition among the animals held in small confined areas. This is particularly true when sheep and goats are grazing small pastures.

Your veterinarian can test the feces of your sheep and goats to determine the level of parasitism present in your animals, and he or she can then custom design a deworming strategy to fit your situation. There is no single schedule for deworming treatments that fits all of the needs of all farms and ranches. To avoid treating your animals when they don’t need it, and to avoid delaying treatment until animal health is compromised, consult with your veterinarian on how best to use these medicines. Haphazard use of deworming medicines can induce anthelmintic (dewormer) resistance of the parasites, and the medicines may permanently lose their efficacy to kill the gastrointestinal parasites found in sheep flocks and goat herds. Loss of anthelmintic efficacy becomes especially important if these drugs are over-used.


Metre, D. V. (2010, May 1). Colorado State University. Retrieved from Colorado State University Extension:

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