Metro East Farms Photo Of The Week August 23 2020

Metro East Farms Picture of the Week August 23 2020 This picture is Madison, She was born February 18 2020. Her mother is Willow and her father Mr. Pickles both Metro East Farms lifetime residents.

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Other Ways to Help Metro East Farms to continue their mission

Good morning! We have had a couple of inquiries about donations. If you dont want to donate cash, there are other options such as Feed, bedding, supplies and Vetrenarian Services, as always we welcome anyone who wants to volunteer their time at events or on the farm.

  • Hay, Round or Square.
  • Straw Square bales only.
  • Tarps or heavy plastic to cover Hay bales like 12ft x 12ft, 15 x 15 to 20ft x 20ft and larger.
  • Goat sweet feed.
  • Cracked corn.
  • Poultry egg laying pellets.
  • Rabbit pellets.
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Watering bottles for rabbit cages.
  • Medium / Large dog collars for goats Black, Green, Blue, Pink.
  • Small collars for rabbits (like chihuahua size) Blue or Pink.
  • Syringes 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml.
  • Needles 18, 20, 22 gauge.
  • Co-band wrap 2 & 4-inch-wide rolls
  • Basic 1st aide Items gauze, peroxide, alcohol etc.
  • 55-gallon steel barrels with lid and rings
  • Large White Plastic Totes (large square liquid totes)

We do not accept opened medications unless it is still sealed.

  • Manna Pro 1000357 Colostrum Supplement 8 oz
  • Manna Pro Milk Replacement
  • Neogen Ideal 7006 Screw on Teat, Latex, Red
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Bar-Vac 135533 Vaccine, Liquid, 50ml
  • VETRX 034922 Goat and Sheep Remedy, 2 oz
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Draxxin Tulathromycin
  • Bactracillin G Injection
  • Corid Oral
  • Cydectin
  • Noromectin
  • CDT or CD&T Clostridium Perfringens type C + D & Tetanus.
  • Durvet Canine 6-way protection Vaccine 100 case ($10.99) Buchheit’s Greenville, IL.
  • Prepay any amount onto our account at Greenville Animal Clinic in Greenville, IL for future services.
  • Durvet 001-1068 Ivermectin Sheep Drench.

 Building and Fencing tools, supplies and lumber

  • New or Used lumber some larger scrap pieces as well.
  • T-Post for fencing New or Used.
  • Metal Electric Fencing Post New or Used.
  • Round Fence Post New or Used.
  • Telephone Post New or Used.
  • Railroad Ties New or Used.
  • Electric Fencing insulators all types New or Used.
  • Electric fence wire new.
  • Roll fencing New or Used.
  • Shingles and Felt roofing paper.
  • 5-gallon buckets black tar.
  • Silver fiber roof paint for tin roofs.
  • New or used Tin sheets painted or non-painted..
  • 2 ½, 3, 4-inch torx wood screws size 20.
  • Interior, exterior paint, stains including waterproofing paint.

Thank You for your time. You can also donate below, all Donations and Sponsorship go to Medications, Veterinary, Feed, hay, Bedding, Fencing, Building materials & Transporting animals to and from Nursing Centers.


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Andre The Goat Veterinarian Update

Just because we haven’t been able to do any events at nursing homes or birthday parties for the disabled, handicapped and autistic kids doesn’t mean we quit feeding and taking care of the animals.

08/24/2020 we spent $140.00 in veterinary care on the newer buck Andre (IL-048 0014) last month he had a greyish discharge from his nostrils and after a shot of Bactracillin G Injection and it seemed to clear up. About 4 days ago he seemed to be not as active but I kept an eye on him, the next day he was the same but seemed to be not urinating properly so being concerned about Urinary Calculi, a urinary-tract condition in goats and sheep, prevents both urination and breeding in males. The twists and turns of the male urethra make passing solid particles difficult at best and impossible at worst. Urinary Calculi is a disease that can and does kill animals quickly.

The veterinarian D. Bristow from Greenville Animal Clinic showed up yesterday about 10:00 Am and examined Andre. He was running a 104.4F temp and listening to his lungs and my past notes on him last month using  (Livestockk Manager) he determined he had a upper raspatory infection and pneumonia. He gave him a couple of injections a strong Antibiotic and non-steroid anti inflammatory and as far as the Urinary Calculi he didn’t see signs of it but at my insistence he gave me some ammonium chloride. I am like that will all of the animals here on the farm, even chickens.

With COVID-19 pandemic and with people losing their jobs our donations have dropped to almost nothing. After going over last year and the year before we average a $5,000.00 operational budget. A little over a quarter of our operational budget come from the sale of goats that don’t qualify for training in the senior citizen and the disabled therapy program. We also incubate Chicken, Ducks and Turkeys eggs and sell baby birds that we don’t use as well as rabbits sold as pets. The rest of the operational budget comes from donators including members of the team.

I can’t stress enough the need for your help, We have been taking senior citizens fishing since 2012 and then training small farm animals by bottle feeding and handling them allot so that they are socialized and don’t mind being handled therefore the seniors can pet, hold, snuggle and feed with no danger to any of the clients. Folks this takes money to properly care for these animals and I know I sound like a broken record, but this year has by far been the most difficult. Use the donate button below if you can help even as little as a dollar. We thank everyone in the past that has donated in the past and if you can open your hearts once again have a great day and God bless.

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We Are On TicTok

We are on TicTok for ever long it last depending on if the United States ban on them takes affect mids September or if it is purchased by an American or another sutable country. We post videos pretty much everyday and live stream at least once a day. Come look us up @metroeastfarms we use the hashtags #MetroEastFarms #FarmLife . SEE you there!

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Medical Isssues With Your Livestock

SEE Terms of Service page

If one thing I realized is that your never 100% and you shouldn’t be so confident that you get comfortable and blinded. The old saying is true! If it can, It will! Every spring I have the vet come out and look everybody over, maybe clip hooves of the stubborn ones. It’s so much more cost effective and it keeps me from loading 9 goats, unloading 9 goats. I had a good examination as I do every year however I lost 2 goats 7 months apart.

So, what should you Do? Well when you go feed and water your animals just do a quick look over, how they are standing, how are they walking, look at the fur or feathers, maybe notice the way they are acting. Make and keep good records.

**** Myself  I use a free program called Livestock Manager, it’s an online program, It has ad’s on it but nothing keeping you from full use but a donation to them dumps the adds and as good as the program is, I had no problems with a donation. I get no kickback or referrals it is truly an excellent program letting you keep records from Chickens to cows and horses and gestation and hatching calculators including Vets, meds and other events that keep track of gains and losses. ****

At least once a week do a little more of a look over, see if they are looking thinner, I take a picture of each goat every Monday and the last Friday Compare them at the last day of the month. This allows you to see 1st picture and last picture and compare, something that you might miss seeing the animal every day. At least each month check goat, equine bovine or swine hooves for splits or punctures. Pull down the lower eye lids, upper eye lids and gums if they are bright pink you are okay light pink keep an eye on it and if it is pale it is anemic, and you need to act fast. If you notice that animal has lost weight have a fecal sample, my vet charges $20.00 per sample and I often get 3 or 4 pellets per goat for like 3 goats. This gives a % estimate parasite load on your goat herd. If you suspect a single goat that is that has lost weight and is anemic than take samples from that goat to see how bad the load is.

Just because the animal is acting fine from experience an animal can die within 24 hours if you are not keeping up with your animals, ALL mammals can be checked for parasites that way. If the animal eyes and gums are pale and has Diarrhea this could be a Coccidia infestation which is a whole different situation and attack plan, in this case I recommend a Fecal sample. Coccidia need to be dealt with aggressively Coccidia is a monster of a parasite you should ALWAYS keep bags of electrolytes on hand or Gatorade anytime they have scours (diarrhea).

1. Pink to Bright Pink – Animal is a normal, healthy animal and not anemic this is a good sign he or she may not be affected by parasites.

2. Light Pink- a pretty good indication of a parasite infestation and a pretty good idea to treat or get fecal samples of goats 3 or 4 pellets per goat up to 3 goats that are showing signs on amimia.

3. Pale – Get fecal sample immediacy your Goat’s life is in immediate danger, Start hitting his system hard we started using a 50/50 mix of Noromectin 1% injection & Cydectin Oral Drench. Now I know the Noromectin says injection, but it was proven to me that mixing 10 ML 50/50 orally to each goat for 3 days. Then wait 10 days and give each goat 10 ML for 1 day.

The mixture really does wipe out the worms in the goat’s system but not the eggs. As soon as the eggs hatch (10th day) you hit each goat with that 10 ML and it kills the eggs that just hatched before they can lay eggs, after you wait to day 10 and not hit them with that dose, then you wasted your time as well as expensive de-wormer. I would have never mixed the 2 together especially with one being labeled as injectable but I see, I saw and I did they bounced back within 24 hours, went to the back pasture with the herd and then to he point where they were butting heads and climbing. But the choice is yours.

Medical Disclaimer

All content found on the Website, including text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional Veterinarian medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your Veterinarian or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your Vet and go to the emergency veterinary hospital or office, Metro East Farms does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on

Reliance on any information provided by, Metro East Farms employees, contracted writers, or medical professionals presenting content for publication to Metro East Farms is solely at your own risk.

The Site may contain health- or medical-related materials or discussions regarding animal sexual reproduction. If you find these materials offensive, you may not want to use this website. The Site and its Content are provided on an “as is” basis.


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When a Death In The Family Happens

This post has sensitive photos that may be disturbing to some readers, but we think that these photos are necessary to show points and back up claims made in this article.

We have all at some time in our lives had a pet or other animal die that were close to us. I can be a traumatic experience for a child or even an adult if the animal is more like your kid than an animal, even the other animals have feelings and we have been able to prove that time after time here on Metro East Farms.

We lost an animal the first of the year “Maggie” she was a very gentile goat and was used in our therapy animal program for the senior citizens in nursing homes. I myself Paul Ragsdale and other members were very attached to her. She had developed some medical issues that were irreversible, and she had died suddenly in the goat barn. She was active the day before and shocked us when she was found in the barn deceased.

The weather was cold, and the ground was partially frozen, Justin had found her while he was feeding the animals, but they were acting strange so when he looked in the barn he found her still warm enough that rigor mortis had not set in which is usually within a few hours. Justin had to get to work, he was running late and at that time I was sick so, he removed her ad put her just outside of the fence until he got home.

Before leaving he noticed again the rest of the herd was acting strange and he snapped the pictures below.

These goats appear to be mourning and in my opinion they were, they stood like this for hours. Later I went out and covered her up because I thought it might relive some stress on the others. We also see this behavior in Elephants, Chimpanzees, Dolphins & even Sea Lions not to mention a few others. We later buried her in the evening right after dark, so they didn’t stress out the herd.

This is similar with a therapy animal Named “Mr. Winters a 4-month-old bottle fed goat. He showed no physical evidence of sickness but when he did he rapidly went downhill from there. He played, ate and drank water up until 3 hours before he passed. I took him to the vet for a postmortem and his belly was loaded with them. This was devastating I keep a pretty good eye on the herd and somehow I missed it. He was like a puppy; he would crawl up in your lap and just love on you.

We would like to think that our 4-legged babies will go to heaven and some think they do, but what ever the case they have feelings and give unconditional love and only ask you to take care of them. Do they have feelings? I think so.






Mr. Winters wll be missed dearly,

Because of the autopsy, I knew he would not be viewable they placed him in a blue bio hazard type body bag I decided it was best to leave him in it but with any of my baby animals I always wrap them in a blanket. I buried him on the farm and gave him a temporary headstone until  I can fix one more permeant.

So when you feed, water or spend time with your animals always check them over, pay attention to the way they act and maybe prevent a injury or death that could be avoided

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Cackle Hatchery Review


Cackle Hatchery (Review)
411 W Commercial St
Lebanon, MO 65536
Phone: 417-532-4581

(It is ALWAYS recommended to check with the Better Business Buru if you have never done buisness with them before)

On 5/9/2020, I got online to order Turkeys more specific “Heritage Turkeys” I looked at the different breeds and decided to order the “Bourbon Red” turkeys. I checked Cackle Hatchery and Murray McMurray Hatchery after contemplating I chose Cackle Hatchery since it was in Lebanon, Mo 204 miles vs Murry in Webster City, IA some 445 Miles away. I lived in Missouri during my Jr High and into most of my adulthood., and if something really went wrong I could take a day and do 3 hours there and 3 hours back and the turkeys were $1.65 cheaper.

I was charged 55.75 for 5 unsexed Bourbon Reds, $21.35, shipping and handling and $20.00 small order fee (less than? birds) for a total of $97.10. Now all the turkeys on the page said “TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK” so I picked up the phone to inquire if they were all gone and was told just for now and that they would be hatching more so I could go ahead and order. I hung up and went online to order he 5 birds. I was given a hatch date of July 20th, 2020 which I really wasn’t happy with but hell, it gave me time to build a new brooder.

So, the day they were supposed to be hatched and shipped I didn’t get a phone call, I got a flipping E-Mail AFTER hours (8:07 am CST). As you see above they changed the new hatch date and shipping day from July 20th to Aug 5th, 2020 I called them, I wanted verbal conversation not an E-Mail that’s 90 days from the order date to received date.

On Aug 5th 3:33 Pm CST from phone number 417-532-2535 I get a call from Cackle Hatchery stating they don’t have my Bourbon Reds that they can send me Royal Palm, Blue Slate or Black Spanish (think that was the 3 breeds they told me). I told them I wanted the Blue Slate Turkeys, she told me I couldn’t choose that they would send me one of the breeds was that ok?  I was like no If I can’t choose just to put my money back on my card she said ok and we terminated the phone call.

Between 5 and 10 minutes the phone started to ring again, I answered, and it was Cackle Hatchery again. The woman asked me if I still wanted the Royal Palm Turkeys and I stated if you don’t have the Bourbon Reds then yes. She told me that as soon as the mailing label was printed I would get an E-Mail with a tracking number. Okay No problem, I begin to write this review letting anger feed in this review.

I looked at the Royal Palm turkeys and I thought they were pretty along with the Bourbon Red and Blue Slate turkeys, so it wasn’t as bad as it could be, I trigger pretty easy and when I checked the tracking numbers after the E-Mail and started tracking them and it says expected delivery date August 8 2020 by 8:00 am. I blow up contacting Cackle Hatchery because I’m concerned about food and water for 4 days. I did some research and found that newly hatched chick lives off the yolk the is pulled up into the chick just before it’s fully out of the shell. They inform me they have solid H2o in the shipping box and should be fine but call if something is wrong to call them immediately.



(in this case once the package is accepted it is a Post Office issue not Cackle)

Post office tracking text is screenshot off my cellphone from the USPS website










Cackle Hatchery delivered the baby turkeys to the United States Postal Service in Lebanon,M0.  The Lebanon, Mo post office took them to the Springfield, Mo distribution center (54 Miles Away) (54 miles away) again in the opposite direction than me. Springfield, Mo shipped them to the Kansas City, Mo distribution another (166 miles further away from me) arriving. The chicks leave Kansas City Distribution Center and (248 miles later) arrives at the St Louis facility the package arrives (43) miles in New Douglas, IL and I picked them up as soon as the phone rang while I was outside waiting. Then I drove home about 9 miles home.

Now as stated above at the beginning I am 204 miles away from Cackle Hatchery if I had gone to pick them up myself and had them home in less than 6 hours. These Birds could have gone from Lebanon, MO to their distribution center in Springfield, Mo (54 Miles) to St Louis Distribution Center (216 miles) then to my post office in New Douglas, IL (43 miles) then (9 miles home) for a total of 322 miles.

The way the post office routed them my birds traveled 520 miles had they went from Lebanon, Springfield, St Louis to New Douglas to my home would have been 322 miles a 198-mile difference. (at current prices contract freight of about $2.00 per mile would be about $1,040.00 vs $644.00 a $396.00 difference and we wonder why they are broke.


Now back to the Cackle Hatchery Review

I arrived at home and the 5 baby turkeys were active chirping. Before opening the box, I opened the attached paperwork with my invoice and care packet. The Invoice said 5 Bourbon Red Turkeys, but the 5 was scratched out and the bourbon Red was scratched out and said sub Royal Palm. I open the box and there they are 9 Royal Palm turkey chicks, ALL healthy jumping around the box.

24 hours later these little chicks all look good, active, drinking and eating fine. Now to my star scoring. While I had issues with them moving my hatch and shipping date from July 20 to August 5th with an E-Mail the day they were to ship I was furious. Calling me on the Aug 5th date in the afternoon saying that they didn’t have the Bourbon Reds if they could sub them with Royal, Spanish and I think Blue Slate aggravated me but when I said I would take Royal Palms and they said I didn’t have a choice of the 3 breeds I flipped out and demanded my money back however they called me back and gave me the Royal Palms. I Received my package late NOT their fault but the post office, I opened my package to be pleasantly surprised that there was in fact 9 healthy active Royal Palm chicks when I had only ordered 5 Bourbon Reds.


Even though it wasn’t 100% drama free they more than made up for it with about $50.00 more birds than I ordered, I am going to give them a 5 STAR RATING. I will without a doubt do business with them again because they did go out of their way to make it right and as someone saying they are sorry the 5 STARS says I accepted their apology. That’s the way I see it when a business goes out of their way to make it right, it says allot about a business. This is a family owned business and they need our support and I have no reason not to business with them again I’m 100% satisfied.

Five Stars


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Sexing ducklings and even baby chickens and geese aren’t always a black and white issue, sometimes in different breeds you can tell by the shades of colors. One of the easiest ways to sex poultry is vent sexing, and with a little practice you can do it 100%. Depending on your vision you may need a magnifying glass with light, and it should help you to make sure.

You can also use this same method sexing turkeys and geese, I learned to do this so that we could get a better price on the females and the males people buy for meat birds and even show birds since their plumage is so much prettier than the hens. The other reason I wanted to learn sexing is that at most of these farm supply stores, they sell baby chicks and ducklings. Imagine buying a dozen babies and 70% to 80% of them being roosters or drakes which 60% of a straight run will be roosters and allot of times hatcheries will sex chicks to sell at a premium price making the ones they sell to the stores a bigger percentage of roosters, DON’T let them fool you it’s a fact.

The video listed in this post can be used for Chicks, Ducklings and Turkeys for sure. This is a playlist of different ways and different types of poultry.

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Good Morning, we have acquired 3 Rouen ducklings from Buchheit of Greenville for $6.24 each. Unsexed we are unsure what we have yet but will vent sex them in the next few days. we are hoping for at least one hen. The idea will be to separate our Pekins, Black Swedish and Rouen ducks and sell fertile eggs from each of the 3 different breeds or the meat of the Pekin ducks.

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