Author: Alicen Ragsdale

Challenges in Raising Sheep & Goats Together

Title: Understanding Key Challenges in Raising Sheep and Goats: Copper Toxicity and Management Differences Introduction: Raising sheep and goats together can be a rewarding and fulfilling...

Metro East Farms – Yearly Post

Metro East Farms is a compassionate organization that began in 2012 with the mission of providing meaningful experiences to elderly and handicapped individuals. Initially, we...

Just A Little Pissed Off

When you deal with a guy buying hay and straw for our non profit we call and giving FREE advertising we make a call for...

Rhode Island Red Rooster

I am looking for an adult full blooded Rhode Island Red Rooster near New Douglas, IL area for my12 girls that looks like the picture....

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to Amy Britton & family for donating the 4 bags of dog food. After purchasing 3 Great Pyrenees for her and...
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